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A two-person play written and performed by Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt, directed by Alisa Palmer, produced by the Tarragon Theatre. The play follows the lives of two siblings from babies to old age, as they fight and laugh and annoy each other. Anchored in the painful and poignant aftermath of a parent’s death following the ceremonial Jewish Shivah, Sibs flashes back through the many stages of sibling history, from infancy through the rich mysteries of childhood to the even richer miseries of adolescence and the inevitable bewilderment of adulthood.  Through a maze of games and power plays, teen dances and bar mitzvahs, loved ones and spouses “SHE” and “HE” consider the paradox of kinship.

"Sibs works so well because it takes its subject seriously. For all the laughs it generates, the play convey a sense of two lives held within a fragile mesh of mortality and longing" - MACLEAN'S Magazine

"Sibs is full of humour, pathos and the kind of imaginative flourishes that can only happen in the theatre" - NOW Magazine

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