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Diane was a featured regular columnist for Canada’s highest-selling daily, the Toronto Star for almost four years. Her column was called “In the Thick of It" and told stories of ordinary people coping with extraordinary, often life-and-death crises -- starting with a very personal piece about her son Jonny called Giving Up Not An Option, So Laugh. She interviewed people as diverse as Jill Bolte Taylor, the TED talk sensation and author of the book, My Stroke of Insight, to writer and Iranian expat and torture survivor Marina Nemat, to the late musician Oliver Schroer. Diane also had a featured parenting column at the Globe and mail as well has freelanced for magazines including MacLeans, Today’s Parent, NOW, EXTRA and Elle Magazine.


What could be funnier than the truth?

by Diane Flacks
Published December 26th, 2009

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