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From emerging to established writers. Are you trying to get an idea off the ground? Working on the next draft of your screenplay. Stuck after multiple drafts of your play? Flacks will help you get to the next level and find, hone and respect your unique voice. Her approach is practical, creative, inspiring and easy! And it’s focused directly on your work, to ensure maximum results. With twenty-five years of highly acclaimed writing experience, in theatre, tv, film, radio, magazine, newspapers and prose, Flacks can offer any writer in any medium a running start into the next phase of their work. Comedy, drama, fiction, non fiction - Flacks will build on your strengths, and challenge you to overcome your obstacles in order to fulfill your unique vision and writing voice.

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Diane will read your script and offer concise, specific, written and verbal notes. She will summarize larger picture strengths and issues and will work with you to make your script what you want it to be. With a proven history of collaboration and new play development, both as a writer and actor, Diane offers unique, compassionate and strong guidance. She is dedicated to Canadian theatre and to mentoring theatre artists.

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Diane has been creating, writing and starring in Canadian TV series for the past twenty years, having co-created and written on numerous tv productions. She has been on all sides of the table, including, like any Canadian artist, underneath it. She can help you avoid pitfalls, can offer practical tips, and most importantly, help you find what you want to say, and how to say it. Whether you’re working on a web series, tv pilot, episodes, or screenplay, Diane’s unique skills as a working producer, writer, story-editor, actor, and avid tv watcher can help crack your project home.



Diane is a sought-after host and speaker for charity, fundraising, arts and political events. She recently was a keynote speaker at a major US Paediatric Bioethics conference and has presented her unique perspective on medical ethics and compassion at the 50th Anniversary Sick Kids NICU gala as well as numerous Sick Kids fundraising events. Her article, “How I Became an Atheist At Sick Kids Hospital” and her play, “Waiting Room” have been called valuable resources for medical students. Hurling-running national CBC radio parenting column and her  book, “Bear With Me: What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy and New Motherhood” have positioned her as an irreverent and truthful voice proceeded in parenting circles and she has been a keynote speaker at parenting conferences and events, as well as for feminist and queer causes.

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